The demographic for electric bikes is ACROSS THE BOARD when it comes to people in situations for whom these electric bicycles can be helpful to.

Here is a sample list of reasons our customers have purchased an electric bike from us in the past:

- 100% confidence in a bicycle ride because there is NO FEAR; bridges, headwinds, no problem!  The motor's got your back.  E-bikes provide a truly rejuvenating experience and are an absolute enjoyment to ride
- Physical therapy
- To increase lung capacity
- Knee surgery
- Back surgery
- Back problems
- Weight loss
- Get moving again
- To combat depression and / or disease by increasing endorphins (the healing power of exercise is no secret... and you won't even know your doing it on an electric bike!)
- Loss of drivers license due to degenerative eye disease, seizures, special needs, or loss of hearing
- Loss and / or Suspension of a drivers license  (for example DUI or DWI)
- Want to save money on gas
- Want to replace the second car because you only have a few miles commute
- Want to save money on car insurance
- No Registration Fees and Taxes on their E-Bikes is Appealing
- Running errands (and it's fun!)
- Going grocery shopping
- Riding to work
- Joining a bicycle club
- Being able to ride with everyone else again
- Not going to let the hills stop you from riding.
- And of course: ---> Going Green!  Reducing your carbon footprint.  No gasoline, oil or pollution!

As You Can See the Advantages to Electric Bikes are ENDLESS!
Why Would YOU Ride an Electric Bike?